The exhibition of digital art "Brasil-Alemanha: Culturas Conectadas" is part of the calendar celebrations in the year of Germany in Brazil, which began in May, 2013.

The exposition of four visual and interactive works of two German artists and two Brazilians reveals the perspectives about the cities where they live. On this intercultural platform will appear the last works of these four important names of contemporary digital art. The exhibition emphasizes the experiments in digital facades of urban media and will integrate the public space with the digital universe, encouraging people to actively participate in the creative process.

The project is curated by Marilia Pasculi, from Verve Cultural- Brazil, and Susa Pop from Public Art Lab/Germany, with the Goethe Institut’s cultural support.

Curators and Production
From May 15 to June 9, 2013 in the Digital Art Gallery of SESI-SP


Mader Stublic Wiermann (Germany)
All Ready Made, 2013

Pfadfinderei and The Constitute (Germany)
Dancing in the Rain, 2013

Rachel Rosalen (Brazil)
Double-Code, 2013

SuperUber (Brazil)
Shadows, 2010-2013