It is a cultural space composed for 26,241 thousand clusters of LED lamps installed in 3.700 m² in the metallic structure that covers the FIESP building. This is the first "Media Facade" in Latin America, that is, a multimedia facade with the purpose of establishing a new channel of cultural dissemination as an integrated part of the city merging architecture, art and media through various exhibitions and events performed by the public.

The project was produced with the intention of expanding the art concept  by creating a new channel for cultural dissemination as part of the city; encouraging the production of digital works; enhancing the artistic immersion in the city; transforming the urban scenario of the Paulista Avenue into a spectacle , in which both artists and the people are the protagonists.

At dusk the emblematic building of FIESP, on Paulista Avenue transforms itself into a large urban screen of new expression forms of digital art .

The Digital Art Gallery - SESI-SP
Idealization, implementation and curators
From December 03 to 31, 2012


Antoine Schmitt (France)
City Sleep Night - São Paulo, 2010-2012

BijaRi (Brazil)
“MetaCidade”, 2012

VJ Spetto (Brazil)
Inter Freak Quência, 2012

Esteban Gutierrez (Colômbia)
"Construcción de ciudad Bogotá" -São Paulo, 2012

Gum Workshop (Brazil)
Homo Ludens, 2012.

Mar Canet & Varvara Guljajeva (Spain/Estônia)
“O Ritmo de São Paulo”,  2012