The “Pixel Reflection” is an interactive audiovisual installation. It is characterized for a wall of pixels with approximately seven meters wide and two tall, this digital work impressed the pedestrians who passed by the "Viaduto Santa Efigênia", in São Paulo downtown.

This exhibition was presented during the “Virada Cultural 2013”, between May 18 and 19. This luminous giant provoked good reactions in the people. Through a special camera and infrared light irradiators, the area next to the wall was mapped. As the people moved, a cloud of multicolored pixels was generated on the panel, following the movements of each person.

The installation also included a soundtrack. The area was divided so that some musical notes – from five different instruments - were issued, spreading a generative audio in real time. The system captured up to 12 bodies at a time, and their digital images were reflected in the panel along with a sound effect.

Idealization and Implementation
"Virada Cultural 2013" - at the “Viaduto Santa Efigênia".

Idealization: Marília Pasculli

Programming:  Francisco de Paula Barretto,
Carlos Eduardo Batista and Victor Valentim

Production: João Frugiuele

Hardware: On Projeções