Play! is an interactive digital art exhibition made by motion sensors and iPads, which addresses the influence from the video games as a precursor of contemporary culture, revolutionizing the standards of creativity, interactivity and design.

With the intention to raise the cultural value of  video and interactive games as an art form, this work proposes that the notion of "play" becomes a vehicle for enhancing citizen experience and stimulating a qualified use of public space.

The exhibition counts on six artistic works made by artists of electronic games, whose works are seriously engaged in the sociocultural context and offer a critical reflection for the improvement in the use of São Paulo urban spaces.

Curators and Production
From March 25 to April 14, 2013 in the Digital Art Gallery of SESI-SP


Alberto Zanella (Brazil)
Pixels Descolados, 2013

Andrei Thomaz (Brazil)
Invisible Labyrinths, 2010-2013

Les Liens Invisibles (Italy)
The Game is Over, 2006

Lummo (Spain)
Lumoblocks 2010-2013

Mark Essen (United States)
Supercut, 2013

Suzete Venturelli and team Midialab-UnB (Brazil)
São Paulo Invaders, 2013