The SP-Urban aims to expand the concept of art to create a new channel for cultural dissemination as part of the city merging architecture, art and media.

The Festival emerges as a living organism in the middle of São Paulo's urban scene, in which national and international artists propose intrinsic reflections between the metropolis with its inhabitants and the new technologies.

The questioning and the visualization of elements as magnetic waves, information flows, the pulse and the rhythm of the city are important marks of this digitized city of São Paulo.

Curators and Production
From December 03 to 31, 2012


Antoine Schmitt (France)
City Sleep Night - São Paulo, 2010-2012

BijaRi (Brazil)
“MetaCidade”, 2012

VJ Spetto (Brazil)
Inter Freak Quência, 2012

Esteban Gutierrez (Colômbia)
"Construcción de ciudad Bogotá" -São Paulo, 2012

Gum Workshop (Brazil)
Homo Ludens, 2012.

Mar Canet & Varvara Guljajeva (Spain/Estônia)
“O Ritmo de São Paulo”,  2012