The digital exhibition has the objective to provoke the people’s reflection about their lives in the cities and the natural phenomena, such as the flow of the seas, the strength of the winds and the climate changes. The exhibition translate this question into a digital and universal language that will capture people’s attention who is passing by on the Paulista Avenue, considered the heart of São Paulo.

The search for the balance between the nature’s forces and the man's role in a changing ecosystem is the start point for these national and international artists that is taking part with their works in that exhibition. From different perspectives, they will analyze what are the necessary challenges and urgent questions to improve the quality of people’s life in a megalopolis like São Paulo. The visual artists will dialogue about natural resources overconsumption by the man and its interference in social environmental relations.

Altogether six digital works were created exclusively to become the most iconic building facade of the Paulista Avenue in one channel of information and contemplation. The interaction with the public are established by the climate's interpretation and environmental data and through the use of interfaces that explore aesthetic and artistic languages, such as tablets, Smartphones, tangible interfaces tabletop and RFID's readers (like public transport card, for example).

Vivacidade - Poéticas Sócioambientais
Curators and Production
From 12 to 30 September, 2013 - Galeria de Arte Digital do SESI-SP

Works - Artists

Open Enviroment - Late!

Waterdrops - Music Thecnologic Group (Carles F. Juliá, Daniel Gallardo e Sebastián Mealla)

SCSD - Nina Valkanona & Mortiz Behrens

In the Air - Neréa Calvillo & Martin Nadal

SP Reflections - Tecné Collective

Mimesis - memeLab + Grão


Idealization: Verve Cultural

Execution: SESI-SP

Executive production: Verve Cultural

Curator: Marília Pasculli